Leading a customer-led transformation at a PE-backed #SMEtech. Previously CSO at Albion, a business innovation consultancy.
Radiant — A compact, portable, “low-cost” one-megawatt nuclear micro-reactor that fits in a shipping container.

I started doing these lists because I just can’t help myself collecting new business ideas, and thought I might as well share what I find.

I’m facinated by new business ideas that offer imaginative solutions to unmet customer needs, and say something about the way things are going. …

The Roli Lumi — “The fun, instant, rewarding way to learn to play the piano”

This year some people noticed that, for the last few Decembers, I’ve published a round up of the most interesting new business ideas I came across that year, so now I’m feeling pressure to keep it up. Here then is my list for 2020.

Also this year the nice people…

Glyn Britton

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