Experiences on my local High Street (that corporate retailers should learn from)

I recently did a thing on Twitter…

Retail experiences on the precinct in my small northern town

A place to get special cakes made (and to learn how to make special cakes).
A wellbeing and mindfulness ‘hub’.
A deli, bakery and cafe.
A dog grooming spa. Yes, really.
A vape shop (and lounge actually).
A beauty and ‘advanced therapy’ venue.
A pub (in a unit that used to be a newsagent).
A Turkish barber, offering an ‘ear hair burning’ experience.
A spray tan arena.
An Indian street food bar.

Venues for experiences, not warehouses for doing logistics

Instead they create experiences and communities around a limited selection of products. Experiences that are distinctive, compelling, and create loyalty. Experiences that are high margin. Experiences that create demand for products (which can be delivered via e-commerce subscription).

At KBS Albion we help businesses understand people’s changing needs, and work with them to create new offers and ways of working to keep up with them. If you’re a retailer that needs to transform your high street stores into experience venues, then please get in touch..

Leading a customer-led transformation at a PE-backed #SMEtech. Previously CSO at Albion, a business innovation consultancy.

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