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  • JJ Oslund

    JJ Oslund

    Investing in audio, media, & future of work @TechNexus

  • Ashley Friedlein

    Ashley Friedlein

    Marketing/digital/tech entrepreneur. CEO & Founder, Guild (https://guild.co); Chairman, Ably (https://www.ably.io/)

  • Josh Brown

    Josh Brown

    Product Engineer - Fascinated with product and customer thinking, user experience, creative problem solving and building high performing product teams.

  • Tom Crockford

    Tom Crockford

    CFO of @Bionic Keen runner, sailor and as much skiing as I can fit in while keeping up with three brilliant kids.

  • Catalina Cernica

    Catalina Cernica


  • Matthew Desmier

    Matthew Desmier

    I collect dots and spend my days trying to connect them. I help others connect them via @SiliconBeachUK, @Copy_Cabana & @OpenSauceUK. And I'm a pittakionophobe.

  • Nader Khosrovani

    Nader Khosrovani

    Dad. Foodie. Politico. Marketer.

  • Kim Faura

    Kim Faura

    CCO & founding member @giffgaff ♥ #Growth #Experience #eCommerce #guitar #golf #Barça

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