Interesting propositions I discovered in 2017

I’ve been keeping a list of the interesting propositions I discovered or referenced a lot in 2017 (although they weren’t necessarily launched this year). I thought I’d share as an end of year gift.

It’s in no way exhaustive or complete (or in any kind of sensible order); it’s just those that I’ve subjectively found most interesting, or have found most useful as inspiration or analogy in my work at KBS Albion.

There’s no AR, and barely a sprinkling of AI and blockchain (and no tokens). But there’s lots of re-engineering categories around customers and products disappearing inside services.


  • Yolt — the best of the app money managers, according to our product team — and it’s from ING!
  • Moneybox — put what’s left at the end of the month into an ISA
  • Betterment — modern retirement saving
  • Salary Finance — payroll loans
  • Clear — the UK’s first new clearing bank in more than 250 years


  • Provenance — blockchain powered provenance throughout the supply chain
  • CanYa — TaskRabbit but on a blockchain


  • WeSavvy — exercise to reduce your insurance premiums
  • Jetty — makes renting in city easier (inc. insurance)
  • Freebird — rebook disrupted flights (invisibly powered by travel insurance)
  • Sure — episodic, everyday insurance
  • Flock — PAYG insurance for drones
  • Homelyfe — anti-gazumping insurance
  • Tomorrow — the inheritance app (inc. life insurance)

Adjacent to insurance

Alternative investment


  • Echo — manage NHS repeat prescriptions
  • Iora — holistic primary care powered by health coaches
  • Prelude Fertility — helps people have healthy babies when they’re ready
  • Ambrosia — transfusions of young blood to delay aging
  • Zipongo — keep employees healthier through recipes, groceries and workplace canteens

Food / food retail

  • Plenty — makes farming 130 times more productive
  • Impossible — a plant-based burger that tastes and feels as good as meat
  • New Crop Capital — a fund for plant-based food disrupters
  • Cook Daily — delicious, trendy food (that happens to be vegan)
  • Deliveroo Editions — Deliveroo providing ‘dark’ kitchens
  • Ando — David Chang’s food delivery service
  • Ritual — preorder to skip the takeaway queue at restaurants


  • Compass — modern home buying experience (inc. editorial)
  • Homie — modern home buying and selling experience
  • Nested — guarantees a fair sale price for your home
  • Shed — pop-up flats in warehouses
  • Loftium — pays the deposit on flat if you agree to continuously AirBnB a room


  • StockX — a stock market of collectible sneakers
  • Grailed — fashion marketplace, find high end designer items
  • Brandless — unbranded ethical products all for $3
  • Enjoy — experts come to deliver and set-up your tech

Cars / mobility

  • Shift — for cars
  • Virtuo — modern car rental experience
  • TestDrives2U — brings any car to you for a test drive
  • Cabin — luxury bus from LA to San Francisco


  • Asket — premium basics, developed iteratively
  • Linjer — luxury goods supply chain, without the luxury good premium
  • Thread — hybrid human + algorythm fashion advice and retail


  • Flexport — global shipping as a service
  • Weengs — collects goods from you for shipping


  • Apres — find jobs after a career break
  • Smashify — next gen recruitment platform


  • ohmconnect — get paid for saving energy
  • Squeaky — SMEs can buy clean energy direct from generators just like Google does (I’m an advisor)



  • Lyrebird — create a digital voice that sounds like you with only one minute of audio
  • Amazon Polly — text to speech a sa service

Third age

White Hot Hair — hair products for grey and white hair

Any zingers I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments. And please give me some applause if you find this interesting or useful.



Leading a customer-led transformation at a PE-backed #SMEtech. Previously CSO at Albion, a business innovation consultancy.

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